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About The Host
Rose Vitale
Rose Vitale is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the business world. She knows business isn’t always pretty; in fact, it’s pretty ugly most of the time. She also knows how hard it can be to make sense out of raising capital. Capital raising feels like something that happens behind closed doors and is reserved only for the super wealthy or well-connected. Successfully finding and pitching to business investors can be intimidating for business owners. Likewise, taking the plunge and investing in a business for the first time can be risky for new investors.

Rose understands the frustrations business owners face when they’re new to capital raising. She ended up funding her business ventures out of her own pocket, after spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to pitch to investors. Her show The Capital Raising Club is dedicated to breaking down complex and complicated aspects of business so they’re easy for business owners and investors to make sense of. Her guests come from a broad range of business backgrounds and offer unique perspectives on business ownership and making investments. The Capital Raising Club bridges the gap between businesses and investors to provide helpful information for business owners who are looking for investors as well as investors seeking their next opportunity. Rose’s authentic, non-nonsense approach to capital raising will benefit investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners.
Jon Taber is the Founder & CEO of Street Smart Insights based in Sacramento, CA.

A visionary leader, author, trainer and coach, Jon has been CEO of 17 companies in 11 different industries, a popular speaker and seminar leader at 36 colleges and universities dozens of conferences & consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

He is the author of “Childs Play,” a book about the games we played as children that we use today to handle adult challenges. Last year he co-authored BREAKING BARRIERS – Decisions That Elevate People from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

About The Co-Host
Jon Taber