Controlled Chaos
  Gary Garver
 Gary Garver  is a radio veteran of over 25 years, 18 of which were spent working at 97.1 KLSX in Los Angeles as a rock disc jockey, producer and talk show host. Gary worked with the Howard Stern show for 16 years and spent over 10 years as Howard Stern’s Celebrity reporter in Hollywood. Garver’s popular talk show, "The Single Life" aired on KLSX for 5 years.

 After he left KLSX, Garver ventured out to do a new kind of show, where he could express himself freely, without the backlash of the radio establishment. Gary’s talk show, "Gary Garver Live" has been airing since 2008 on different radio and internet networks throughout the world. Gary has the number one show Wednesdays on, with over 40,000 listeners worldwide tuning in each week. Gary is now venturing out and is starting a new morning show on KCAA 1050 AM in the Inland Empire called "Controlled Chaos" along with Jigga Jones. 

Garver’s talk show is hip, cool and unpredictable. "Controlled Chaos" has a unique, truthful  take on life and the world today, which is innovative and sure to make you laugh. He invites the famous and infamous on the show and you never know who will be there or what will happen.

Gary likes to think of his show as the new wave of terrestrial radio. Garver states, "Radio has been killed by the corporate suits that have run the radio industry into the ground in the last decade with the same personnel and same song playlists. ‘Controlled Chaos’ will be the resurrection of radio and the wave of the future for all broadcasters, who will be able to feel free of the media machine and speak their minds."

"Controlled Chaos" with Gary Garver and Jigga Jones.  It’s must listen radio. 

Jigga Jones
Jigga Jones, aka Nipsey Tyrone Washington, was born in Compton California during the late 70's. Raised by a single parent, he became a product of the streets. Spending most of his time in the shadows and in the company of the criminal underworld of Los Angeles, Jigga Jones has his own brand of cynical comedy. Jigga was the subject of a hard hitting street documentary called "Jigga Jones". 

Millions of people all across the world found out that Jigga Jones could make any situation funny and fun 
to watch. The documentary showed how to protect yourself from everyday criminals while laughing about it. Jigga Jones had one of the first accounts on Youtube to land over 2 million views on a single video in 2006.  

Jigga Jones made numerous appearances on radio shows throughout the country before being brought on as the "Guru of the Ghetto" by the Dick Dale Radio Show on KOMP 92.3 FM Las Vegas, and expanding to 96.5 FM "The Buzz" in Kansas City. Jigga Jones gave people the "inner city view" of current events.

From motocross commercials, video games, pod cast shows and radio station imaging, Jigga Jones has become a prolific voice over talent. 

The Jigga Jones character is so over the top that audiences don't know whether to be shocked, outraged, fall down laughing or call the cops.  

Jigga Jones holds a mirror up to society that creates a visceral reaction among listeners and viewers.

Jigga Jones is a successful businessman, producer and radio personality... or a street thug. (you decide). Regardless, he will never cease to amaze you.   
KCAA Radio Brings A New Morning Show To Inland Empire Radio


Radio veterans Gary Garver and Jigga Jones, aka "Nipsey Tyrone Washington" are revving up mornings at KCAA 1050 AM Radio in the Riverside/San Bernardino area. The show is called "Controlled Chaos" and the hosts promise to take their cues from the title.

For more than a decade, Gary Garver was Howard Stern's Hollywood reporter who asked embarrassing questions of the stars. During one notable broadcast, Gary actually asked O.J. Simpson if he had any tips for getting blood stains out of clothing.  Eventually, Gary Garver's interviews of Hollywood stars resulted in threats of law suits and Garver's dismissal from Stern's organization.   

Jigga Jones is equally outrageous.  Jigga brands himself as "America's # 1 Negro".  Jigga Jones is a stereotypical African-American character that's so politically incorrect, as to have no equal in the entertainment industry. In fact, the real "Jigga" has built a successful media  business over the past decade which began with YouTube videos that depicted his involvement in various 'staged" nefarious encounters with law enforcement and the general public.

Both men are natural entertainers who will bring a unique brand of LOL humor to Southern California Radio.

The concept for the show began when Jigga Jones was a guest on Gary Garver's Friday night show on KCAA. Fred Lundgren, the station's CEO, happened to be listening to the show when Jones was a guest. Lundgren thought their synergy could become the basis for a morning show, and after after several months of discussions and planning, the station signed an agreement with Garver and Jones for what should be a totally new brand of morning show entertainment. 

Lundgren said he offered these men a morning show because they are natural entertainers who have mastered their craft, making the sum of their talents much greater than their individual parts. 
Listeners can expect Gary Garver to combine his wit with Jigga Jones' gift of the gab for a combination that should have listeners rolling with laughter.

Garver states, "The spirit of local radio was killed by corporate suits who didn't understand radio or give a damn about the radio industry or the listener. Today, radio is all about profit and our industry is paying the price. Garver adds, "Controlled Chaos will reconnect listeners to radio as it was before corporate owners destroyed its creativity".  The show will air weekdays from 8 to 9 a.m. on KCAA 1050 AM in the Riverside/San Bernardino market. 

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