Chosen Generation
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Chosen Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses, is designed to cause people to think about many of their preconceived thoughts on what the responsibility is of Christians in our society. It is designed to educate through interviews with pundits in a variety of fields. Scripture teaches that heaven and earth are the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. So if it all is His then He has a say in how it should be running. As heirs to His promises and friends not servants as Jesus communicates in John 15, we have a responsibility not just for “social Issues” but for all issues in the world as they are all impacted by His Word.  Unfortunately certain elements within our society have convinced us that religion and in particular Christianity having nothing to contribute to that equation. History tells us otherwise and so does the Word. Today when one is asked about politicians they rarely indicate trust, but rather refer to politicians as liars. In fact we have accepted leadership that lies to us, steals from us and has removed most of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. 

This is not a preaching show it is an informational program that will give you the information you need to argue for a biblical worldview, a Constitutional Republic and the truth to refute all of the lies and disinformation from media to academia to what has become of the church itself.  If we truly want to see Rule of law and the law of Natures God, the Providence referred to by our founders working again in our nation then we must be willing to find like minded individuals and support their efforts to represent us at all levels of government.


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