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Political Party 
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Which political party do you prefer?America First Party
American Nazi Party
American Party
American Patriot Party
American Populist Party
American Reform Party
American Synthesis Party
American Third Position Party
America's Independent Party
Boston Tea Party
Christian Liberty Party
Citizens Party of the United States
Constitution Party
Communist Party of the United States of America
Democratic-Farm-Labor Party
Democratic Party
Democratic Socialists Party of America
Freedom Road Socialist Organization
Freedom Socialist Party
Green Party of the United States
Independent (no party)
Independence Party of America
Independent American Party
Jefferson Republican Party
Labor Party
Libertarian Party
Modern Whig Party
National Socialist Movement
Natural Law Party
New Party
New Union Party
Objectivist Party
Other (not listed)
Party for Socialism and Liberation
Peace and Freedom Party
Populist Party of America
Progressive Labor Party
Prohibition Party
Raza Unida Party
Reform Party of the United States of America
Republican Party
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
Socialist Action
Socialist Alternative
Socialist Equality Party
Socialist Labor Party of America
Socialist Party USA
Socialist Workers Party
Twelve Visions Party
U.S. Marxist–Leninist Organization
United States Marijuana Party
United States Pirate Party
Unity Party of America
Veteran's Party of America
Workers Party
Workers World Party
World Socialist Party of the United States
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