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About Trevor Chapman
Trevor grew up in Guam where his dad worked as a dive instructor. At 12, they moved to Alaska. He grew up in an adventurous and loving home, but in an incredibly financially poor family. From the age of eight he worked and helped secure income for his family which was a subsistence household... he tells the story of his least favorite chore: catching 36 salmon every day, gutting them, smoking them, canning them; then riding to the harbor docks to play his saxophone and sell sand-dollars to the tourists. A work ethic was not something he needed to learn when he left home.
Attending BYU at 21 he decided to start his first company. The company excelled until 2008 when thousands of customers were lost overnight. He understood first hand how critical it is to be in a "necessities" market and not in the "accessories" market. He pivoted based on that thesis.
Escaping bankruptcy, his work ethic and strategic mind kicked in and he quickly grew one of the largest access control integrators in California... providing the access control for fulfillment centers, Boeing subcontractor facilities, MAC cosmetics, and many more. In 2013 he decided with his wife and three kids (at the time) to move back to Utah to raise their family.
He was able to sell the commercial security company for a modest amount in California.
In Utah he was quickly approached by serious security professionals including an Israeli based team that desired to bring the Iron Dome software to America. Agreeing, he partnered and started the company that would attempt to be the first "smart city" in America. Public concern for preemptive surveillance eventually lead to the next modest exit.
It was that exit when he decided to grow on his core strengths which were direct to consumer marketing. He started Fluent Solar and grew the company. Fluent Solar expanded into five states.
It was with Fluent that his moment of genius occurred: walking through marketing, the team asked him for a larger budget. Concerned that they spend without earning, and addressing their needs, "SEO, PPC, etc" he realized they were engaging in query-based marketing -- resulting in a race to the bottom -- the consumer buys the highest quality product at the lowest price. He decided to put his thesis to the test. Could he engage in social disruptive marketing? Going screen-to-screen online similar to how his company went door-to-door (selling at whatever perceived value one could effectively illustrate)? Ninety days later he broke $1mm online with his first eCommerce site.
He has since been profiled by CNBC, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Yahoo,, Inc., Complex Hustle, and more.
He has thrown traditional online marketing on its head with the largest disruption since pay-per-click was introduced. Merging door-to-door brick and mortar strategy with the internet has brought results unheard of -- including an eight-figure offer from Clarke Capital in less than a year of business.
He is now sought to consult for brands who see him as one of the top digital strategists in America. He owns over a dozen of his own eCommerce sites.
Trevor started the Academy of Arbitrage... over 400 people have entered eCommerce in the last six months under his instruction. Many have made over a million in that time. Even more have made hundreds of thousands with zero prior experience building off of Trevor's marketing method. The vast majority earn more than the average yearly salary in America and have replaced their jobs ($46k/year).
He also founded -- the largest virtual summit in history. Uniting the entire ecommerce community, he said this about eCommCon:
eCommCon is a free event for individuals interested in internet marketing. It is THE largest event in the industry which has ever occurred. He self-funded the conference and gave all the information away for free to everybody involved.